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Mobile Heads Saddle Hole CNC Cutting Machine-MAK

mobile head pipe saddle hole cutting machines

 series mobile head pipe cutting machines are upgraded portable saddle hole cutting machines with multi-functions.They could cut larger holes on the pipe head and pipes in multi-orientations to achieve a satisfied cutting solution.This series cutting machines represent a higher cutting skills in pipe cutting filed.


Products Features:

  1. Smoothly,accurately cut and bevel .
  2. Light and portable for more occasions working .
  3. Positioning by laser to achieve precise cutting process .
  4. With remote controller,highly intelligent but simple to operate .
  5. With magnet base,easy to install and removal by only one man .
  6. Build-in program system in the controller,no need tie in  with CAD skill .
  7. Cutting methods could be flame cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting .
  8. Able to cut pipes with spherical head & torispherical head & spherically dished head.
  9. Easy to cut orthogonal or eccentric holes on pipes with stainless steel or carbon steel materials.
  10. Meet saddle hole cutting of heads in the national standard (GB 150.3 2011) pressure vessel design.



MAK saddle hole cutting machine cutting target


Products Parameters:

Oreder No. Model No. Functions Bevel Angel Cutting Cource Vertical adjustment Holes Range Weight
2-101-0005 MAK-15 cut orthogonal holes on pipe-head ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 50kg
2-101-0011 MAK-15B cut orthogonal holes on pipe ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 50kg
2-101-0006 MAK-16 cut orthogonal and eccentric holes on pipe-head and pipes ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 52kg
2-101-0009 MAK-1216 conbined the function of MAK-12 and 16 but with one CNC controller ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 80kg
2-101-0010 MAK-17 cut orthogonal and eccentric holes on pipe-head and pipes from multi-directions ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 80kg


Application Cases:

MAK mobile head numerical controlled saddle hole cutting machine

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