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Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines-STZQ

cutting machinescutting machines

International long-distance pipeline high end cutting machine-STZQ

STZQ Series pipe cutting machines are specially developed for critical pipe applications that require enhanced cut quality and accuracy. They are the necessary MRO (Maintenance ,Repair and Operate)cutting equipment  for pipeline construction in  the industrial processes in the areas of Project Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and enterprise applications for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Water Treatment, Hospitality and Construction industries.  




STZQ Series Machines Slection Table:






Main frame size 420mm×610mm×400mm 532mm×490mm×400mm 420mm×500mm×400mm
Main kit weight 17kg 19.2kg 14kg
Gross weight About 24kg About 36kg 22kg
Packing size 600mm×400mm×480mm 604mm×564mm×442mm 600mm×400mm×480mm
Packing weight About 40kg About 47kg About 37kg
Rated power 60W 400W Hand Control
Power supply 220vac,50/60Hz 220vac,50/60Hz Hand Control
Pipe size 320-3000mm 320-3000mm 100-1420mm
Cutting speed 0-800mm/min 400-4000mm/min Hand Control
Cutting accuracy <1mm <1mm <1mm
Surface finish <12.5um <6.3um <12.5um
Cutting direction Forward-stop-reverse Forward-stop-reverse Forward-stop-reverse
Bevel ±45° ±45° ±45°
Horizontal adjustment 0-250mm 0-250mm 0-250mm
Cutting thickness Standard0-50mm,could purchase other cutting torch Standard0-50mm,could purchase other cutting torch Standard0-50mm,could purchase other cutting torch
Avantage Support remote control systerm and vertical cutting High speed and cutting speed readable Works in no electricity environment

Application cases:


cutting machinescutting machinescutting machinescutting machines

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