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How to choose a right saddle hole cutting machines?

Updating Time: 2016-7-1  1750  

Three steps teach you to choose a right saddle hole cutter from different models of our MAK series NC pipe saddle hole cutting machines accorring to their fucntions and holes could cut.



Step 1: To choose according to the function you want.

Functions MAK-11 MAK-12 MAK-14 MAK-15 MAK-16 MAK-17
Orthometric hole cutting on pipes
Eccentric hole cutting on pipes        
Oblique hole cutting on pipes          
Vertical holes cutting on head      
Multi-direction holes cutting on heads          
Profile cutting for vertical pipes          



Step 2:To choose according to the hole's diameter need to be cut.

Hole’s Cutting Range MAK-11 MAK-12 MAK-14 MAK-15 MAK-16 MAK-17
50-300 mm  ●          
50-600 mm    ●    ●  ●  ●
50-1200 mm      ●      


Step 3:To choose according to advice of your sales engineer by call number below or send your message to our service center.


Sales Dept:sales@sunbowtec.com
Customer Center:customers@sunbowtec.com


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