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Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machines



Portable CNC flame/Plasma cutting machine, CNC Mini type metal plate cutting machine, popoular stainless steel sheet cuttig machine


Park-1 Series Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machines(also called CNC mini type metal plate cutting machine) is mainly used to cut stainless steel metal sheet. It can match with many other plasma cutting source such as brand Hyperthermand, could cut any flat shape formed by straight lines and arc lines , with the characteristic  of portable,  stable  operation and high precision, as well as anti-interference from  magnetic force and electricity , it is widely applied to various cutting projects.

Products Parameter:



Model No. PAK-1
Order No.


Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Rated Power 180w
Cutting Range (1500-2000)x(3000-5000)mm
Cutting Speed 50-2000mm/min(max4000mm/min)
Cutting Thickness 5-50mm
Cutting Precision ±0.2mm/m
Cutting Accuracy <12.5μm
Cutting Direction Plate cutting
Cutting Source Plasma
Software Fangling
Nesting software Fastcam
Main Kit Size 462mmx366mmx280mm
Track Size 3500mmx273mmx60mm
Gross Weight Aound 130kg
Packing Wood Box




















Application Cases:


Gas/flame/Plasma cutting machinePortable CNC Gas/flame/Plasma cutting machineCNC Mini type metal plate cutting machinepopoular stainless steel cuttig machine cutting functions models





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