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Portable NC Pipe Profile Cutting Machines-ThinkPipe


portable pipe profile cutting and beveling machine

series cutting machines are the leading brand NC profile pipe cutting machine worldwide. Adopting sensor technique to control cutting tracking, they can effectively avoid cutting deviation. The cutting machine will creep on pipes and send the high- precision location information to control system, and then follow the controller’s guidance to cut different profile shapes accurately. This cutting method is totally different from the traditional large scale profile cutting method.


Products Features:

  1. Able to cut pipes with standard dia.320-3000mm,which made of all metal materials in any length,less or over is upon customized service.
  2. With adjustable beveling angel, could used for welding directly.
  3. Able to cut pipes with straight or spiral welding.
  4. Able to work in indoor and outdoor, onshore and offshore environment.
  5. Build-in program system in the controller, no need tie in with CAD skill.
  6. Software could upgrade upon customized services,which is totally different from the traditional large scale profile cutting method.

Products Parameters:                                                                                                                 Function Models:



Main Frame Size 420mm×400mm×(760mm-1360mm)
Main Frame Weight 22kg-35kg
Package Weight 50kg
Package Size 507mm×460mm×(800mm-1450mm)
Rated Power 300W
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Pipe Dia Range <3000mm
Cutting Speed 0-800mm/min
Cutting Precision <1mm
Cutting Accuracy <12.5μm
Cutting Direction Forward-Stop-Reverse
Standard Length of Control Line 8m


Products Selection Table :



Model No. Order No. Horizontal Adjustment Pipe Diameter Range Software (Model Base)
Simplified Machine TP1-JH 2-059-0001 200mm 80-320mm Standard software including
01/07 model
Basic Machine TP1-JB 2-059-0002 400mm 80-680mm
Standard Machine TP1-BZ 2-059-0003 600mm 80-1020mm
Classic R Machine TP1-R80B 2-059-0010 800mm 80-1800mm Software including 01/02/03/05/07/08 model
Classic X Machine TP1-X80B 2-059-0011 800mm 80-3000mm Software including 01/02/03/05/07/08 /09/10/11/12 model
Tie-In Machine TP1-PSK 2-059-0004 200mm 80mm-1420mm Software including 07 model
Software Package / 2-050-0016 200mm / Software including 01/02/03/05/06/07/08 model













Application Cases:


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