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CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machines for Small Pipes


CNC plasma cutting machine


Park Series CNC Plasma Cutting machine  is developped to cut pipe with small diamter 20-260mm, while it also have all the function our PAK-1 machine has for metal plate shape cutting.


Products Parameter:



Model No. PAK-2
Power supply 220±10%V AC 50HZ/60HZ 220W
Cutting way Numerical control Plasma cutting or Gas cutting
Cutting range (X×Y)(mm) (Φ20-260)*4000(the length is changeable)
Track size(mm) 4000×273×60
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-3000(max4000)
Plasma cutting thickness(mm) Upon plasma power chosen
Main kit moving speed V0=10~3000 mm/min
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 5-100
Running precision (mm/m) ≤±0.2
Way to raise Arc pressure Motor Control
Flame choose Oxygen+Acetylene / Dimethylmethane
Gas pressure (Mpa) Max 0.08
Oxygen pressure (Mpa) Max 0.7
Plasma cutting air pressure (Mpa) Max 0.7




















Application Cases:


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