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How to choose the correct STZQ series machine for your requirements.

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Please Follow The Steps Below

Step 1: Choose suitable machine from Figure 1

Step 2: Confirm whether more orbital tracks are required according to   the table on the left

a)If STZQ-I machine is selected then continue to step 2

b)If STZQ-II machine is selected then no need to continue as all standard items included in this kit.

Step 3: Confirm whether more claw connectors are required

We recommend each orbital track has its own claw connector for ease of installation.

Step 4: Confirm whether more chain is needed



a)OD,means outside diameter(unit:m)

b)The final chain length can be longer than the calculated length without detriment to the operation

c)E.g. For pipe size 1.016m,4m or 4.5m chain both are available.In fact 4.5m chain can also be available for pipe size 1.219m.

     Congratulations on Choosing the correct models  for STZQ

Step 5: Confirm your order with us if you would like to


                                                         Figure 1


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