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Portable Pipe Saddle Hole Cutting Machine-MAK 17


Products Features:

  1. Specifically designed for cutting saddle holes in different part on the pipes
  2. Easily operated built in program,no requirement toimport CAD files
  3. Light weight, ease of installation no auxiliary mechanical devices required
  4. Single operator usage with remote control device
  5. Double lasers making positioning easy and accurate
  6. Manually operated magnetic block mounting makes set-up quick and convenient


Products Parameters:

Oreder No. Model No. Functions Bevel Angel Cutting Cource Vertical adjustment Holes Range Weight
2-101-0010 MAK-17 cutting holes ±45° Oxy-Acetylene 0-300mm 50-600mm 80kg


The main parameters  and founction of MAK-17 are same as MAK-16,but special for its mutil-orentational holes cutting way. This is new technology that innovated by SUNBOW,will greatly improve the cutting productivity.




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