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Mini Type CNC Flame Cutting Machines



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This Mini Type CNC flame cutting machine(commonly known as  Little Bee)  is a basic cutting machine to cut carbon steel  products, could cut any flat shape formed by  straight lines and arc lines , with the characteristic  of portable,  stable  operation and high precision, as well as anti-interference from  magnetic force and electricity , it is widely applied to various cutting project.


Products Parameter:



Model No. PAK-1
Order No. 3-001-0005
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Rated Power 180w
Cutting Range (1500-2000)x(3000-5000)mm
Cutting Speed 50-2000mm/min(max4000mm/min)
Cutting Thickness 5-50mm
Cutting Precision ±0.2mm/m
Cutting Accuracy <12.5μm
Cutting Direction Plate cutting
Cutting Source Gas( could change into plasma)
Software Fangling
Nesting software Fastcam
Main Kit Size 462mmx366mmx280mm
Track Size 3500mmx273mmx60mm
Gross Weight 80-120kg
Packing Wood Box




















Application Cases:


Gas/flame/Plasma cutting machinePortable CNC Gas/flame/Plasma cutting machineCNC Mini type metal plate cutting machinepopoular stainless steel cuttig machine cutting functions models





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