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Comprehensive Pipe Cutting & Beveling Solutions

Pipe cutting, or pipe profiling, is a mechanized industrial process that removes material from pipe or tube to create a desired profile. Typical profiles include straight cuts, mitres, saddles and midsection holes. These complex cuts are usually required to allow a tight fit between two parts that are to be joined via arc welding.

Cutting is performed by means of a thermal torch (plasma or oxyfuel) and is mounted to the last axis of a multi-axis machine. The axes of the multi-axis machine are powered by electric motors and are synchronized to create a path for the torch and pipe that yield a desired profile. The synchronization of axes is accomplished either mechanically, via cams, levers and gears, or electronically, via microprocessors and controllers

Pipe cutting machines are popular in offshore, pipe processing, ship building, pressure vessel, structural and mechanical contracting manufacturing because of the complex cuts and profiles typical required in their respective industries.

SUNBOW Technology, as an appointed supplier of China National Petroleum Company, has been focusing on pipe cutting equipment researching & developing and provided domestic & overseas customers with pipe cutting &beveling machine for 7 years. We firmly believe that we are capable of providing the most comprehensive pipe cutting solutions.

1.   Straight Cuts Solution

STZQ-1 portable pipe cutting machine was often used on long distance pipeline project because of its wide applicability and excellent work performance.

STZQ-1 Pipe Cutting Machine


  • 1. Suitable for natural gas pipe, oil pipe, city gas pipe, large diameter tap water pipe, petrochemical pipe, tubular container cutting, used steel pipe disassembly and cutting. It’s an ideal tool for many pipe cutting projects.
  • 2. Suitable for steel pipe, stainless pipe, cast iron pipe cutting by flame (oxygen/ethyne, oxygen/propane, oxygen/gasoline) or plasma. So we can also call it as a pipe flame cutting machine or pipe plasma cutting machine.
  • 3. Support cut internal & external bevels, “X”&“Y” bevels and other straight line type bevels. Excellent suitability for spiral pipes and those with bad roundness. First leading brand super large diameter pipe cutting equipment with strong adapting ability.
  • 4. Recommended products for long-distance pipeline cutting project.

Work performance:

  • 1. High cutting accuracy: Its cutting accuracy can be controlled in 1mm, no matter how large the pipe diameter is. Because we adopted orbital track and chain dual methods on STZQ-1 portable pipe cutting machine.
  • 2. Perfect cutting surface: Needn’t to polish the surface after cutting because we could control it in 12.5 μm, which can satisfy welding requirements.
  • 3. Two control methods protect operator’s safety: It supports local & remote control methods.
  • 4. Adjustable cutting speed: It can be adjusted according to real needs.

Engineering cases:

2.  Mitres Making Solution

Thinkpipe series portable CNC pipe profile cutting machine

ThinkPipe successfully adopted the newest sensing technology to ensure the walking track and avoid cutting deviation, which has been tested by lots of engineering projects.

Advantages & differences ThinkPipe has compared with traditional big pipe profile cutting equipment:

  • 1. Newest technology & system

Thinkpipe uses 100HZ sensing frequency to ensure precise location

  • 2. Extremely portable: Compared with traditional several tons equipment, Thinkpipe just weighs dozens of kilograms. So it supports using in factory and on-site.

  • 3. Most completed models: Until now, Thinkpipe supports 15 built-in profile models. For special cutting model, we can provide customization service.

  • 4. Very easy to use: An ordinary workman without any CAD skills can fluently operate Thinkpipe, because operator JUST needs to select the right built-in model, input 4 parameters and press start, then cutting will be automatically proceeded.

  • 5. Convenient software service: Additionally provided internet upgrade module, customer can worldly enjoy 24hrs software service by inserting network cable into the internet interface of ThinkPipe. Making system customization and software upgrade and purchase easy and quick.

Engineering cases:

3.  Saddles & Midsection Hole Cutting Solution

MAK series portable NC saddle hole cutting machine, the smallest and lightest saddle hole cutting machine in the world, is specially invented to cut saddle shape holes on pipe, tank, storage tank and pressure vessel.

MAK series portable CNC saddle hole cutting machine

Characteristics & Functions of MAK series midsection hole cutting machine:

  • 1. Support cutting orthormatical saddle holes on pipe, tank, storage tank and pressure vessel.

  • 2. Very portable : The total weight is about 10kg, a main kit, a control box and a remote controller. 

  • 3. Super easy to operate and install: With built-in program, needn’t to import CAD files. Just need to input diameter parameter on control box panel and place main kit with magnetic block on pipe surface.

  • 4. Double laser points to make positioning highly precise

  • 5. Also support cutting holes on flat plate

Engineering Project:


For head saddle hole cutting requirement, we could provide:

MAK Portable NC Heads Saddle Hole Cutting Machine

MAK series heads saddle hole cutting machine

Meeting saddle hole cutting of heads in the national standard (GB 150.3 2011) pressure vessel design

For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at E-mail: intsales@sunbowtec.com/Skype: sunbowtec1 or visit official website: www.sunbowtec.com and brand website: www.thinkpipe.com.cn to get more information.

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