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Heavy-duty Gantry CNC Cutting Machine

This series heavy-duty gantry CNC cutting machine with low center of gravity door structures are very stable when do palte cutting.The build-in software provide ablility to cut any flat graphs and provide high cutting precision at the same time.

Product Feathures:

  1. Able to cut complex graphs with CNC program and do quick positioning;
  2. Adopts welded beam to have a good rigidity and high working efficiency;
  3. Adopts bilateral CNC motor drive, linear guide rail to provide high cutting precision;
  4. Widely applied to the steel structure industry and other industrial fabrication fields.

Products Parameters:



Tracking Range 4000-6000mm
Track’s Length Upon Customer's Request
Cutting Type Flame or Plasma cutting
Number of Cutting Torches Upon Customer's Request
Flame Cutting speed 50-750mm/min
Plasma Cutting speed Depend on the power used
Idle Running Speed 12000mm/min
Vertical Adjustment 200mm
Steel Plate thickness 6-170mm











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