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Shanghai Sunbow Metal New Material Science & Technology was born in Shanghai Jiaotong University. SUNBOW’s initial ideal is consistent with Sheng Xuanhuai's (The first principal of Shanghai Jiaotong University) educating spirit, "exploring science and thriving industry", "gratitude for the source of benefit, loving country & honoring school and making our country prosperous and stable".
Researching & developing is SUNBOW's fundamental source. Meanwhile, product and research platforms have been established, which are mainly supported by STZQ series and ThinkPipe series pipe cutting machines now.

Through examining and summarizing past, finally, SUNBOW found its real vision, "create a respected centenarian corporation", which consists the best gene of innate responsibility bearing, honor advocating and technology innovating and the best habit of respect customer depending, quality creating and measure taking. We know that it is our real mission.
To be the world market leader by providing qualified and innovated products and services, establishing a learning type enterprise, creating a benignant running model and paying back society through investing education.
In Sunbow’s dictionary, we couldn’t find out “reach goal in one step”, but creating happily, enjoying the process and exploring forever.

The year of 2107 will be the 100th birthday of SUNBOW, we sincerely hope that SUNBOW could be the symbol of China at that time. During this period, SUNBOW will experience lots of product cycle and technology development, even industry revolution. But SUNBOW spirit will last forever. What is SUNBOW spirit? The future interpretation will be much more profound.

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